2015 Public Relations Campaign

The Challenge

To build awareness of Alaska seafood and its benefits, ASMI needed to position Alaska seafood as a healthy alternative to other proteins while maintaining the highest-value perception in target foodservice segments.

The Solution

  • Execute PR campaigns that better engage target audience with ASMI and Alaska seafood through education, training and menu development.
  • Build a comprehensive operator database with chefs who can speak to plating Alaska seafood.
  • Achieve differentiation between wild Alaska, farmed seafood and other seafood sources and other proteins.

The Results

  • 3.8MM total media impressions
  • 28 unique placements
  • 75+ pitches
  • 22 operators
  • 9 recipes
  • 35 images

Great job on the overall plan and all the amazing results you have been able to achieve!! It seems like everywhere I look in the foodservice media world I see something Alaska!

Claudia Hogue | Foodservice Director, Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute